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This is UPDATED information concerning the band's trip to Charleston for the Governor's Inauguration.

Updated information (as of 1/11/05)

5:00 am - Per Diem distributed at the CAC
* The honorarium will be $50 per person with $10 provided for lunch ($60 total). 

5:15 am - Buses post at the CAC
* Drums, Tubas, Guard will have to go over and bring instruments/equipment over from the trailer.  Remember - it is the last time!!!
* Due to the early arrival time (and since the PRT is not running yet), please work with each other to get everyone here to the CAC.
* Cars can be parked in CAC lots.
* A bag breakfast will be available before we leave.

6:00 am - Depart Morgantown

9:00 am - Arrive in Charleston, dress, and warm-up (see below about attire) 
* For those meeting us in Charleston, PLEASE contact the Band Office to let us know you are meeting us there!!  You are asked to meet the band on Kanawha Boulevard between Clendenin and Capitol Streets.  This location to meet us is what we have been told by the parade organizers.  Please check back towards the end of the week to see if this information has changed.

10:00 am - Parade starts
* After parade, we will present a short concert near the Governor's Mansion/Capitol Complex (music will be pregame music as well as possible fun stand tunes)

Approx. noon - Arrive at Town Center Mall to eat lunch (note, the mall may be very crowded!)

Approx. 1:30 pm - Leave Mall

Approx. 4:30 pm - Arrive back in Morgantown
* All uniforms and instruments/equipment will be returned once we get back.  The $10 uniform refund will be issued to those that return their complete uniform once we get back to Morgantown.
NOTES ABOUT ATTIRE: Since it may be cold this day (THEY ARE CALLING FOR A HIGH OF 32 DEGREES RIGHT NOW!), dress warmly underneath the uniform.  Please make sure the uniform looks good and that the shoes are WHITE - polish them!!  Also, if gloves need to be worn, they must be WHITE gloves (not blue, gold, or anything else). Find a cheap pair of white gloves and buy them.  Staff members may wear overcoats over their blazers as well as hats - try and wear the nicest looking items you own.