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Important Information for 2007 Marching Band Members

Greetings from the Band Office!!! We hope your semester is going well and that you can ???hang in there??? until May!

We need to share with you some information concerning upcoming band events as well as plans for the upcoming fall marching season.

To contact us for any reason, please call Nikki Gross or Chris Nichter at 293-4841 (x3157) or e-mail us at WVUBand@mail.wvu.edu.

1) For the 2007 Band - Read Me!

All woodwind and brass returning ???vets??? who want to be a part of the 2007 WVU Band are reaccepted if you follow the information outlined below; percussionists, colorguard, and twirlers are NOT automatically reaccepted until after auditions are complete. Note: Those instrumentalists wishing to switch instruments for next season will need to audition - contact the Band Office for more information. To all: Failure to comply with the following may jeopardize your chances of marching next season!!

  • On this letter???s envelope address label, you will find either the word ???YES???, ???NO???, or ???MAYBE???. This is what you checked at the end of last fall regarding your returning status for the 2007 Band.
  • All ???YES??? people will automatically be entered into the 2007 band database and will receive the summer Pride Press mailing. If your status has now changed and you can not join us next season, let us know by Fri., April 13.
  • All ???NO??? people will not be entered in our database for next year, and this letter will be the last correspondence the band will have with you - sorry! If you are a ???NO??? and want to change to a ???YES???, you must tell us by Fri., April 13. Failure to meet this deadline will mean that you will be placed on a waiting list and may not automatically be reaccepted unless an opening in your instrument becomes available!
  • All ???MAYBE??? people have until Fri., April 13 to tell us your decision. If you do not change to a ???YES??? by this date, you will automatically be placed into the ???NO??? category. See above for trying to change your status after the April 13 deadline.

2) Spring/Summer Dates:

  • Sat., April 7 - Annual ???Gold and Blue??? football game. More information
  • Sat., April 14 - Marching Band auditions for all new members
    - Colorguard auditions (all ???vet??? colorguard members received an email about this)
    - Feature Twirler auditions (for invited finalists)
  • Sat. - Sun., April 14-15 - Drumline Camp (all ???vet??? drumline members received an email about this)
  • June 15-17/July 13-15 - Percussion summer camps
  • TBA June/July - Colorguard summer camps
  • Thur., August 9 - Percussion report to Band Camp (beginning in the evening)
  • Fri., August 10 - Colorguard report to Band Camp (beginning in the evening)
  • Sat., August 11 - Leaders report to Band Camp
  • Sun., August 12 - Everyone else reports to Band Camp
  • Sat., August 18 - Band Camp concludes

3) ???VET??? Percussion and Colorguard Auditions - All veteran Percussion and Colorguard members should have received the email about reauditoning the weekend of April 14. It is important that you make plans to attend. Percussionists should contact Adam Osmianski with questions; colorguard members should contact the Band Office.

4) Rank and Section Leaders - By the end of the semester, invitations will be going out for those being asked to serve as a Section Leader, Rank Leader, and/or Assistant Section Leader. It will be during the early summer months that we will send out invitations to Assistant Rank Leaders.

5) Band Camp and ???07 Performance schedule - It is hopeful that before the end of the semester, we will have a preliminary performance schedule for the fall season. This may be difficult since the football schedule just came out recently. Once we get a schedule, it will be posted by the Band Office and on the web site. We will send this information, along with Band Camp information, in the summer Pride Press mailing.

6) CD???s/DVD???s - The 2006 CD and the Gator Bowl DVD are nearly complete and will be in very soon!
*Please note! The Gator Bowl DVD will also include video highlights from the 2006 season as well as the bowl highlights! If you would like to order one of these DVD's, please print, fill-out, and mail in the order form. You can also call Anita in the Band Office at 293-4841 ext. 3154 if you want to call in and order with a credit card.

That is about all for now. You will be receiving more information over the summer months regarding the 2007 Band and Band Camp. Hope to see you in August as a member of the 106th season of the ???Pride???!

Take care, and ???good luck??? on the rest of the semester!