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2010 Student Leaders

2010 Drum Majors
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Katelyn Demyan
Andrew Grindle

2010 Feature Twirlers
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Kirsten Brown Whitney Godwin
Kayla Morris Donovan Sarr

Besides the directors and staff, a great deal of the teaching of the WVU Band is done by students who assume various leadership roles as section leaders and/or rank leaders. These students are responsible for many of the musical and marching aspects of the band. Without their skills, a band of our size could literally not function.

Section Section Leader Assistant Section Leader
Baritone Kinsey Holland
Andrew Hoare
Clarinet Rebecca Rockwell Katlin Stinespring
Colorguard Holly Casto
Katherine Beverage
Mellophone Alex Higgins
Emily Norwood
Percussion Benjamin Bearce

Benjamin Bearce - Snare
Graham Endler - Tenors
Jeremy Luna - Basses
Amanda Berry - Cymbals
Piccolo Jacqueline Gebet
Evelynn Oberheitmann
Saxophones Emily Nester
Evan Moore
Trombone Kyle Swisher
Wayne Dorsey
Trumpet John Leonard
Casey Snodgrass
Tuba Greg Larsen
Bob Perhach

Woodwind Rank Leader Assistant Rank Leader
Caroline Bailey
Kasia Bryant
Erin Fitzwilliams
Brianna Godfrey
Katie Jones
Hannah McPherson
Evan Moore
Justin Roth
Katlin Stinespring
Jessica Torres
Gabrielle Bias
Lindsay Good
Chelsea Kuhn
Sarah Malone
Tabitha Marsh
Kaitlyn McKitrick
Clark Metz
Mark Riffon
Crystal Weaver
Joshua Wells

Brass Rank Leaders Assistant Rank Leaders
Jonathan ???Jono??? Adams
Jason Bailey
Amy Beardmore
Tom Bisom
Andrew Hoare
Emily Norwood
Hayes Perkins
Jason Shipe
Kristen Smith
Casey Snodgrass
Erica Casto
Aaron Dean
Randy Delaney
Patrick Dingman
Katie Eakins
Sherry Ebli
Lauren Frey
Christian McCarty
Morgan Shepherd
Steven White

Tuba Rank Leaders Tuba Assistant Rank Leaders
Sandy Bruce
Jarad Reneau
Stephanie Brandt
Stephen Gearinger
Guard Rank Leaders
Kristin Doucette
Holly Hunsberger
Audrey Romberger
Emily Vogel
Breanne Zackery

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