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Thanks for the Supporting our Twirlers

WVU_Twirlers-webpageWVU Twirler Friends - Results of the "Twirl" magazine contest have been announced & Penn State will take the cover. Given how competitive the world of twirling is, we all enjoyed this spirited competition & look forward to the next!!

We now know the editor and will be developing stories to submit about the WVU program. AND...with 3480 votes for WVU...WOW!!!! We were just overwhelmed by your response, finding fans, old and new, through this competition.

Your posted comments meant so much to the twirlers...thank you for letting them know that they are #1!!!

On behalf of Donovan, Kirsten, Whitney, Kayla, our Band Directors, Jay & Chris, and "The Pride", we thank you for your vote & enthusiasm!!

- Paula-Jo Stout, Twirler Coordinator