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2012 Student Leaders

Besides the directors and staff, a great deal of the teaching of the WVU Band is done by students who assume various leadership roles as section leaders and/or rank leaders. These students are responsible for many of the musical and marching aspects of the band. Without their skills, a band of our size could literally not function.

Section Section Leader Assistant Section Leader
Baritone Matt Finley John Higgins
Clarinet Kelsey Webb Shannon Baker
Colorguard Breanne Zackery Rachel Cochran
Mellophone Emily Norwood Alyson Snyder

Leslee Tyler

Dan Hovanec - Snare
Thomas Steele - Tenors
Andrew Stanfield - Basses
Leslee Tyler - Cymbals
Piccolo Caroline Bailey Jessica Harris
Saxophones Tommy Divins Maisie Fraley
Trombone Wayne Dorsey Aaron Pritt
Trumpet Erica Casto Brennan Wood
Tuba Zachary Bloom Jacob Burns

Rank Leaders
Woodwind Assistant
Rank Leaders
Caroline Bailey
Shannon Baker
Matt Beeson
Taylor Evans
Maisie Fraley
Jessica Harris
Adam Honse
Chelsea Kuhn
Tony Smith
Crystal Weaver
Brooke Bing
Brian Falls
Sarah Gilroy
Kayleigh Jackson
Megan Jewell
Angela Kinkead
Corey Moore
Jennifer Sager
Adrianna Samudio
Kayleigh Swanson

Rank Leaders
Brass Assistant
Rank Leaders
Lindsay Cain
Matt Davis
C.J. Fultz
Paul Garton
Cassie Griffith
John Higgins
Jon Miltenberger
Aaron Pritt
Grant Rumble
Brennan Wood
Shelby Chapman
Emily Figer
Ian Grimley
Connor Haupt
Cody Lassinger
Brian Lechliter
John Pentol
Brian Roberts
Logan Snider
Ruth Williams

Rank Leaders
Tuba Assistant
Rank Leaders
Jacob Burns
Zach Rice
Zachary Bloom
Kevin Messer
Brandon Ullman
Ory VanGilder
Color Guard
Rank Leaders
Maria Maggio (also Weapons Leader)
Michelle Rinaldi
Lindsay Roe
Brianna Saddler
Kelsie Sanders
Katie Wilson

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