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This Week's Game: WVU vs Texas

WVU vs Texas Game-Day Schedule - The "Pride of West Virginia" wants you on hand to cheer on the Mountaineers on Saturday, November 9 as WVU hosts the University of Texas Longhorns.

12:30 pm - Guard & Drums rehearsal begins (sorry, not open to the public)

2:00 pm - Full Band Rehearsal (sorry, not open to the public)

4:00 pm - Rehearsal ends

4:15 pm - Mini-band perform around the stadium parking lots

4:40 pm (approx.) - Mini Band for "Mountaineer Mantrip"

5:30 pm - Band meets in Sectionals on the Hill

6:20 pm - Full band gathers to march down hill

6:40 pm (approx) - WVU Band pre-game show (Be in your seats to make some noise!)

7:00 pm - Kick-off, WVU vs Texas

Halftime - It's a celebration of the state's 150th anniversary: My Home Among the Hills and Jay Chattaway's From the Mountains (commissioned by WVU's Omicron Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi in 2001 as part of the WVU Band's 100th season). The performance of the Chattaway is also is recognition of his gift to the university of all of his music from his years as a Hollywood film composer.


Post-game - Short post-game concert in the stadium