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This Week's Game: WVU vs Baylor

BaylorWVU vs Baylor Game-Day Schedule - The "Pride of West Virginia" wants you on hand to cheer on the Mountaineers on Saturday, October 18 as WVU hosts the Baylor Bears.

5:30 am - Guard & Drums rehearsal begins (sorry, not open to the public)

7:00 am - Full Band Rehearsal (sorry, not open to the public)

9:00 am - Rehearsal ends

9:15 am - Mini-band performs around the stadium parking lots

9:40 am (approx) - Mini Band performs for "Mountaineer Mantrip"

10:30 am - Band meets in Sectionals on the Hill

11:15 am - Full band gathers to march down hill

11:40 am (approx) - WVU Band pre-game show

12:00 pm - Kick-off, WVU vs Baylor

Halftime - "Dance Show" - "Dancing Queen", "Johnny's Mambo", "Havah Nagilah", "Shake a Tail Feather", and "Last Dance"

Post-game - In the stadium short post-game concert