Tribute to DOC

DOCIt is with great sadness that we report that Dr. Frank ("Doc") Stevens passed away on November 2, 2004. "Doc" served as the band's announcer for over 40 years as well as the public address announcer at WVU football and basketball games.

"Doc" added a touch of class to the way the WVU marching band was introduced, crafting the oft-repeated 'And now, from the College of Creative Arts on the campus of West Virginia University, under the direction of ...'

This is a great loss to the WVU Bands!

The following are entries that were posted on our online memorial.

Tara Ashley
from Charles Town, WV
Signed on: Tue 30 Nov 2004
Doc made the band experience. I remember being a freshman and hearing his voice announce us and the crowd going nuts. He motivated the 220 with the sound of him. He was kind to everyone, and never avoided saying hello to a new face. He was a great fan, and a great man.
Patrick "MO" Daley
from Pittsburgh, PA
Signed on: Wed 24 Nov 2004
When I first heard that Doc Stevens past on, I thought of the tremendous loss to all Mountaineer fans. Then I thought of all the young Mountaineers who won't get to know "The Voice". At the last game, when Doc was recognized, that is when it all flooded back for me. All the memories of moments I shared with Doc: the jokes, the smiles, the nods to each other. But more than that, the knowing he was right there on the field with us in spirit as we prepared to do the 220. He will be greatly missed, but never forgotten.
Jen Hooper
from Huntington, WV

Signed on: Fri 19 Nov 2004

As a former member of the Mountaineer Marching Band, it truly saddens me to hear of this tremendous loss. There was no greater thrill as a band member to hear, "And now, from the College of Creative Arts..." On the very few occasions when Dr. Stevens wasn't around to announce us, something was truly missing. His voice added a magic and electricity to every performance. Sure they were just words, but the love and pride they inspired can bring tears to my eyes even now. Doc's contribution to the band and to the school is a treausre that touched the hearts of not only the band, but the fans, as well, and we will never forget him.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Doc's family and all who had the wonderful pleasure of knowing him. To my band family, I grieve this loss with you.

band fans
from Charleston, WV
Signed on: Wed 17 Nov 2004
Really enjoyed your Keynote Concert at Charleston Wednesday honor/memory of Doc. 1 hr 45 mins of quality music delivered with energy. The Huntington TV station WSAZ showed some highlights on their 11 pm news. Thanks for making the trip during classes. 
Melissa Falkenbury R
from Orlando, FL
Signed on: Tue 16 Nov 2004
I will always remember the first time I heard Doc's voice at Mountaineer field. I had never been to a game before and his voice made chills run down my spine before I ran out of the tunnels for the first time as a freshman. He was a gentle man that will be missed dearly. He always had a smile and hello for you when you said hello to him even if he didn't know your name. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and the band. Rest in peace Doc. You will always be remembered. And now from the College of Creative Arts...
Christopher Nichter
from Cumberland, MD
Signed on: Sun 14 Nov 2004
When I assumed my first "real" band directing gig almost one year ago, one of the first things I did was find someone with just the right spirit and character in their speech who could be the voice of my band. I learned at WVU that one part of having a good group is having someone who can lead your kids on and and off the field with heart and emotion over the PA. Though I only spoke to Doc briefly over the years I was involved with the Pride, he taught me this lesson with every announcement he made. Thanks Doc and rest well.
Megan Signed on: Fri 12 Nov 2004
I think everyone in the band always just assumed that he's be there. Regardless of our ever changing shows and performances, he was a static presence that was always consistent. From this season from Jimmy Leonard to Malagu-ana....I think we can all appreciate what a professional Doc really was, and if nothing else, it just does not even seem like the same announcement bringing us on the field anymore...its lost its character and passion. However, at least he is better now. Gonna miss ya Doc.
David Williams
from Dunbar, WV

Signed on: Thu 11 Nov 2004

I first met Doc on one of those climbs tthat Graduate Assistants used to make to the top of the pressbox to deliver the band script at old Mountaineer Field in 1975. Over the years I made a bunch of trips to the pressbox in the old and new stadiums and he was always the same -- completely relaxed, in command of everything he needed to do and absolutely unaffected by the swirling nuttiness that was happening around him. He always made time to talk, always made me feel welcome.

He was a wonderful guy.

Jarad Reneau
from Beckley,WV
Signed on: Thu 11 Nov 2004
I am a long time fan of THE PRIDE and I always enjoyed hearing the announcement to open up for the band and I will miss getting to hear it. I did not know the man but I heard great things about him and hope the best for his family and many fans.

Signed on: Thu 11 Nov 2004

Heaven will be a brighter place with Frank making the announcements. Mim, Denny and I will long cherish the friendship and laughs we shared together.

We will NEVER go to Mountaineer Field without remembering his voice and his most famous words "LETS BRING ON THE MOUNTAINEERS" and his number one announcement "AND NOW FROM THE CAC.....

A time has passed but the memories will carry on.

Bryan Pickens
from Dunbar, West Virginia
Signed on: Wed 10 Nov 2004
You were the epitome of WVU pride. You embodied this school's spirit, and it still lives on today through all WVU fans. You are greatly missed.
larry schwab
from morgantown

Signed on: Wed 10 Nov 2004

The Voice of the Pride of West Virginia

There is only one

Gentle man, fine friend, great husband and father, wonderful teacher

Frank, you will march with the Pride forever

With deep sympathy to Mim and the Stevens family

From all who know your Mountaineer voice

Darwin Signed on: Tue 09 Nov 2004
I listened to that wonderful voice many years at Mountaineer games, both at the old and new Mountaineer Fields. He was a "one of a kind" and I will miss him. Glad I have a CD of the Mountaineer Marching band with his voice engrained forever on the disc and, more importantly, in my mind...thanks, Doc...
Saundra Patton Decke
from San Antonio, Texas
Signed on: Mon 08 Nov 2004
I was honored to know Doc from the years 1984-1988 when I was the feature twirler with the Pride. His voice still rings clear in my mind as the motivator of my performances. His voice, which was one of his many gifts, has inspired thousands of performers, athletes and fans for many years and I am so proud and blessed to have known him. I will always remember him.Â
Thank you, Doc....for sharing your life with The Pride of West Virginia.
Leslianne Signed on: Mon 08 Nov 2004
I know that i have never been able to meet him. He will always be in the WVU Marching band forever. He is the voice of West Virginia and always will be. Doc will always be in my heart. The first time i heard him was 3 years ago. I'll never forget when i came up for homecoming and he died i was crying in the middle of Country Roads. I heard that was his favorite song from the band. Doc you will be missed so much. You are the VOICE of WVU Marching Band and the Football team and many others.
Travis Cullen Prid Signed on: Sun 07 Nov 2004
Although I never got to meet or here Doc introduce us as the Pide of West Virginia, I feel as if I have known him all of my life. Today as we played Simple Gifts at the end of the service, it was all I could do to continue on playing the song in honor of Doc. To the Family and Friends of Doc, I give you my sympathy, you are in my thoughts and prayer. We have lost a great man, but we will always have the memories from a WVU football game or just growing up with Doc. Again My thoughts and prayer go out to the family and friends.

Signed on: Sun 07 Nov 2004

Although I never had the chance to be introduced by Doc as a part of this band, I still knew what he meant to the Pride. At every home football game or demo show I saw, Doc's distinctive voice was as much a part of the show as the state outline or the Simple Gifts circles. A little part of the Pride died with Doc, but it's comforting to know that our music is with him in a place where it can entertain the most important of audiences -- the one in heaven.

My most sincere condolensces to the family and all who knew him personally. Our loss, while great, is nothing compared to what they feel.

from Elkins WV
Signed on: Sun 07 Nov 2004
He will be missed greatly....the voice, the personalty, the man. While I didn't know Doc personally, I always looked forward to coming to Mountaineer Field and hearing "the voice." The memorial service today was a fitting tribute to a man who was admired by so many in the community. It was hard not to break down when the band played "Simple Gifts" as their tribute today. Let it ring loud and proud, Doc. We love you and miss you....R.I.P.
from Morgantown
Signed on: Sun 07 Nov 2004
Even though I didn't know Doc personally, he was a very important part of my family, my band family, because that was what we are. I just got home from his beautiful memorial service and I don't think there was a dry eye in the crowd. We all fought back tears while playing "Simple Gifts" for him. I will never forget Doc, especially the football game my freshman year after Sep. 11th. His voice, personality, and love for all things Mountaineer will forever be remembered. R.I.P. Doc...

Signed on: Sun 07 Nov 2004 16:17:51 EST

You're voice used to soar through the stadium, now it will soar even higher.

You will be missed.

from Clarksburg, WV
Signed on: Sat 06 Nov 2004
My Family and myself were deeply saddened to hear of the passing of "Doc" Stevens....we loved to hear his wonderful voice announce the Mountaineers in both Football and Basketball, announce our terrific Band, and it added so much excitement to the game to hear, "First Down, West Virginia!" His voice will always be heard by us at the games, and we will truly miss him. We certainly send our deepest condolences to his Family, and our Prayers go out to them, as well.
Jennifer Elkins
from St. Albans, WV
Signed on: Fri 05 Nov 2004
I will never forget the first football game my father and I attended 1972 (I was five years old) and hearing that voice and seeing the band for the first time. I decided then that I was going to march in the "Pride of WV". It meant so much to hear that voice again in September 1985, when I was standing in the tunnel wiating to run on. God Bless You Doc!
Paul Brutto Signed on: Fri 05 Nov 2004
Doc though you were only part of my life in band for a year, that was all it took to know that you were truly a great announcer and a great man. Myself and all the band will miss you greatly, thank you for all you did for us!
Andi (Frush) Hasley
from Martinsburg, WV
Signed on: Fri 05 Nov 2004
Spending three years as drum major really allowed me to get to know Doc. I will never forget hearing him ready my name over the PA at Mountaineer Field. He was more than a professor to me. As someone who had no living grandfathers, Doc kind of filled that void to me. He was always around with a hug or a joke, as well as beign supportive to whatever I was experiencing. My thoughts go out to Mim and his family. God Bless all of you.
Former Band Member Signed on: Thu 04 Nov 2004
We will never forget you, Doc, or your voice as we stood in the tunnels waiting to take the field. We will never forget all the basketball games and your call as we waited for your threeeeee.

Thank you for all you have done. You will be greatly missed by all current and former Pride members.
Matt "Link" Losh
from Morgantown, WV
Signed on: Thu 04 Nov 2004
I can rest soundly knowing that Doc Stevens and Jack Flemming are up in heaven swapping stories about the good ole days of Mountaineers. They will continue to be with us at every game.
Ken Ozzello
from Tuscaloosa, AL
Signed on: Thu 04 Nov 2004
Hearing Doc's voice at Old Mountaineer Field is one my fondest memories of my time in the WVU band. I am currently the Director of Bands at The Univeristy of Alabama and I get to travel to all of the legendary college football location across the country. I can tell you, without a doubt ,there was no one finer than Doc. What a wonderful voice and what a wonderful man.
from Fairmont

Signed on: Thu 04 Nov 2004

We'll miss you Doc!

"And now...from The College of Creative Arts, on the Campus of West Virginia University...under the direction of John Hendricks...We're proud to present the award winning Pride of West Virginia, The Mountaineer Marching Band.

Need I say more?

Peter N Cowles
from Cortland, NY
Signed on: Thu 04 Nov 2004
Dana Bradmon Signed on: Thu 04 Nov 2004
It is impossible for me to put into words what Doc meant to the WVU Bands. I have never had the privilege to really get to know Doc and I regret that most deeply. Pregame will never be the same without him and his spirit will never be forgotten. My deepest sympathy goes out to Doc's family and you are all in my prayers. The voice behind The Pride has now become the spirit of The Pride. May God rest your soul Doc and may your spirit live on forever with the Pride of West Virginia.
Amanda Shockey
from P-County/Morgantown
Signed on: Thu 04 Nov 2004
I've been to all the Mountaineer home games since I was old enough walk, and the only voice I ever remember hearing announce the Pride was Doc Stevens. It's not the same now and wont ever will be missed greatly Doc!! My love and sympathy to his family.
Joshua Altman
from Gaithersburg, MD
Signed on: Thu 04 Nov 2004
Thank you, Doc from every single current and former band member for making the "The Pride of West Virginia" the fine organization it is today--your unique, powerful voice will forever linger in Mountaineer Stadium, and as a part of all of our memories.
Dan Haywood
from Pittsburgh, Pa/Morgantown
Signed on: Wed 03 Nov 2004
I've only been in the band when Doc was announcing for 1 year, but that was more than enough to know what he was to us. He is part of the Pride. Even though he won't be there to lead us on the field, his spirit will be with us each and every time we perform. Thank you sir for all of the years you have dedicated to us. May you rest in peace
Johnny Leonard III
from Wellsburg/Morgantown, WV
Signed on: Wed 03 Nov 2004
Though I never had the privilege to speak with the legendary voice of the Pride in person, over the past few years I still felt a connection to DOC. It's funny how even when you don't know somebody on a personal level, they can still make a significant impact on you. Doc was that type of person...a man of unmatched enthusiasm, who's spirited words could instantly ignite the energy of the band, and signaled the crowd to rise up in a deafening roar of cheering. For a man who was part of our family and by far our number 1 fan, let us all honor his memory through our music; there is no better way to honor him. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Stevens family. Find comfort in the fact that he is now in a better place. Listen in your hearts, everyone, and I'm sure you will always be able to hear the memorable words of Doc, "And now, from the College of Creative Arts..."
Mike Costello
from Chesapeake, VA

Signed on: Wed 03 Nov 2004

Doc, we only met once. It was a Sunday night in November, 1999, at the Keynotes concert when you introduced me as the guest conductor of "Simple Gifts". When you introduced me and said..."there will be two Costellos conducting the band tonight" chills ran up and down my spine. That night was one of the highlights of my life; and having heard about you from Greg for all those years, and listening to you at all those home games, and having you introduce me made it even more special.

There have been countless people through the years whom you have touched, but I doubt there has been a father who was prouder than I was that night to have my son associated with The Mountaineer Marching Band and YOU.

You and your family will be in my prayers forever!

Alex Boyd
from Steubenville, OH or Altoona, PA
Signed on: Wed 03 Nov 2004
Doc, my memories of the two awesome years in the WVU band will always be flavored with your voice. Especially the most memorable times. Hearing your voice as I ran on the field for the first time was great, because you were announcing the band that I was in, not the band I went to see at the games. I will pray for you.
Brian Lamb
from Morgantown
Signed on: Wed 03 Nov 2004
Your Voice sent chills down my back at my first football game, and I will never forget that. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers
Dawn Glover Signed on: Wed 03 Nov 2004
To a wonderful man who will never be forgotten. It was not only the band but his introduction so many years ago that compelled me to join the band. Being at a football or basketball will never be the same. Doc, we love you.
Amy Hawkins Signed on: Wed 03 Nov 2004
May you rest in peace Doc... The football games will never be the same without you. Your voice will linger in my memory as the earliest memory I have of Mountaineer Football Games. You will sadly be missed but I am sure you are looking down on us from above..... especially on Saturday.
Greg Costello
from Columbus, OH
Signed on: Wed 03 Nov 2004
Doc, May one of the kindest, gentlest men I have ever known rest in peace. He was a true fan of all things West Virginian. I will cherish every minute I spent listening to your stories, and your whole-hearted laughter. Thanks for the memories!
Mandy Spangler Signed on: Wed 03 Nov 2004
Such a great loss we all feel. All our love and prayers to your family.
Jason Powell
from Ohio
Signed on: Wed 03 Nov 2004
Rest in peace Doc! I know heaven is full of Mountaineer Pride today. With Doc and Jack and Chris Gray. They are all smiling down on the Mountaineers and the fans with a resounding LETS GOOOOO Moutaineers! on their tongues and smiles on their faces, They are gone but NOT FORGOTTEN!
Patty Irizarry
from Morgantown
Signed on: Wed 03 Nov 2004
My thoughts and prayers go out to Doc Stevens and his family. Although he is no longer with us physically, he is with us in spirit of the Pride and in our hearts. He will always be the voice of the Pride of West Virginia. Doc, you will never be forgotten. We love you and will miss you so much.
Travis "Bean" Cook

Signed on: Wed 03 Nov 2004

Goodbye Doc, and Rest In Peace. Although we will never again hear your voice hammering into Mountaineer Field to announce "The Pride of West Virginia," we will take solice in the fact that you were our #1 fan and that nothing could ever change that. Again, Rest In Peace Doc, you have changed the face of a University and touched the lives of many.

My best regards to the Stevens family, I think I speak on behalf of the entire band when I say that Frank was a part of our family as well and will be sorely missed.

Territa Washington
from towers
Signed on: Wed 03 Nov 2004
My prayers go out to Doc's family.
Melissa Hostutler
from Morgantown, WV

Signed on: Wed 03 Nov 2004

What a great loss to Morgantown and The Pride of West Virginia. The voice announcing the band onto the field just before pregame was just as famous as the band itself! He will surely be missed!

Thanks Frank for all the great years!

Kat Penwell

Signed on: Wed 03 Nov 2004

To the voice, to the Pride's #1 fan, and the man we'll never forget... thank you for being a part of the memories for so many of us.

My best to the Stevens family.

Gerilee Davison Signed on: Wed 03 Nov 2004
Thanks for your years of service and dedication to the Pride. You will be missed by all who were fortunate to come in contact with you through the Band. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Rachel Olsen

Signed on: Wed 03 Nov 2004

being that i never saw the band before i came here, i had major chills run down my back the first time i heard his voice boom from the tunnels. as i did every time there after. tears streamed down my face during the show after september 11th because his words made me think of my cousin, who we weren't sure if he would be put back onto active duty. but he also brought laughter whenever he announce the tuba section song at last years key notes.

Band will no longer be the same knowing that we'll never hear his enthusiasm for the band again. rest in peace doc. you'll be missed by all.

Jennifer Hill
from Morgantown, WV
Signed on: Wed 03 Nov 2004
You will be forever missed - you were and will always be the true voice of the Mountaineers and our biggest fan, God Bless!!!
Brandon Bloomfield Signed on: Wed 03 Nov 2004
"And now, from the College of Creative Arts...." - It will never sound the same again. You may be lost, but you will never be forgotten! Thank you for over 4 decades of dedication. You truly had "The Pride" within you.
William Aucremanne
from Morgantown
Signed on: Wed 03 Nov 2004
Doc Stevens will be forever missed. He was a great man with a good heart. His announcing at the game following Sept. 11, 2001 brought a tear to my eye even when the towers falling didn't. We will miss you and we hope that you'll watch over us from now on, because we will be playing for you.
Adam Cantley Signed on: Tue 02 Nov 2004
There is only one voice of the Mountaineer Marching Band and WVU. Thanks for your years of service and love for Band
Mark Dean
from Morgantown
Signed on: Mon 01 Nov 2004

Farewell and God bless, Doc. You are irreplaceable, and will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with the Stevens family. "And now, from the College of Creative Arts..."